PWNNC’s mission is to bring together Princeton women in the NorCal region to connect socially and professionally. We are a supportive and inclusive group that seeks to help other women learn, grow, and succeed. To see all of our events, go here.

To get involved or to submit an event request, please go to the Contact Us page and select “Princeton Women’s Network” as a topic.

We are 100% volunteer and collect no dues. If you would like to donate to support future social & professional programming, please go to the Donation page and choose “Princeton Women’s Network“.

PWNNC Board members

Co-Chairs: Samantha Parent Walravens ‘90 and Ann Marie Lavigne ‘98
Events Chair: Grace Baylis ‘20
Communications Chairs:: Maggie Wooll ‘95 and Lauren Whatley ‘11
Finance Chair: Alanna Williams ‘16
Membership Chair: Katie Yang ‘13
San Francisco Regional Leads: DeAnn Work ‘91 and Catarina Schwab ‘96
East Bay Regional Lead: Monica Edwards ‘90
North Bay Lead: Aimee Lapic ‘92
South Bay Lead: Lissa Irons ‘99