Alumni Schools Committee

Bill Doyle ’81, ASC Regional Chair –

Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P)

Please visit the website, or contact April Chou ’96 S’95 at aachou [at]

Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA)

Association of Latino Princeton Alumni

Native American Princeton Alumni

Email Yolandra Toya at or call her at 505-321-7699. Add your name at Check out the Facebook page at

Princeton AlumniCorps (Formerly Project 55)

Please visit, or contact Julie Rubinger at julie.rubinger [at]

Princeton Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association (BTGALA)

Princeton Club of Northern California Young Alumni Committee

Laura Herman ’18 – youngalums@

Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Please visit the website, or contact John Jenkins ’97 at jjenkins [at]

Princeton Women’s Network