Tuesday, January 21, 2020
6:00pm - 8:30pm

2000 University Avenue, East Palo Alto

Many students and parents might not have known (sadly), career skills should start to be built during one’s middle/high school and college years, yet most if not all our educational institutions fail to help the students in this important aspect of life.

Jan 21, 2020 (Tuesday) Kick-Off Panel/Talk

The young generation continues to stumble and fall to find their ways in starting their careers, learn fractal pieces of advice from their (inexperienced) peers, trying unsuccessfully to build and leverage their networks, often fail to utilize the resources and connections they might have at their disposal, nor are they wise enough to take advantage of the collective wisdom of the more experienced have-beens in their community.

In this panel, we will bring the “young” and “old” speakers together, to discuss the most pressing issues facing those who are looking to find their calling, learn the skills & leverage the resources to start their careers, drawing upon the wisdom gained and mistakes made by those who have stumbled their way to find the “truth.” The lessons we draw upon, and the learnings shared, will (hopefully) be equally applicable to students whether they are making their college plans, choosing major/field of concentration, applying to college, or working to secure internships/first job offers.


  • Networking hour will start at 6pm.
  • Light dinner will be provided.
  • Panel will start at 7pm (7pm-8:30pm)

DLA Piper LLP, 2000 University Avenue, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Families with middle/high school children, and/or college students


Please MAKE SURE you fill in ONE FORM for EACH ATTENDEE. The reception/security will need to check names/badges against our RSVP list before admitting the attendees. Limited Seats – priority will go by registration time stamp.

Minerva Yeung *96 <mmy@ivycube.com>
Brent Yamashita ‘94 <brent.yamashita@dlapiper.com>
Chris Loh ‘86 <chrisloh888@gmail.com>
Evan Kratzer ‘16 <evan.kratzer@gmail.com>

Asian Americans Alumni Association of Princeton, IvyCube Inc. and DLA Piper LLP.