Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Join West Coast Princeton Clubs as we host a diversity discussion in the series led by ALPA, ABPA, and A4P.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021
7 pm Pacific, hosted by Princeton Diversity Discussions in San Diego, Northern California, and Southern California

You are invited to join us for the West Coast Wednesday gathering of Princeton Diversity Discussions by the Princeton Club of San Diego, Princeton Club of Northern California, and Princeton Club of Southern California! Princeton Diversity Discussions is our ongoing series of friendly and inclusive gatherings for discussing race-related issues, supported by:

  • Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA)
  • Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA)
  • Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P)
  • Princeton Club of San Diego (PCSD)
  • Princeton Club of Northern California (PCNC)
  • Princeton Club of Southern California (PCSC)
  • Princeton Association of New England (PANE)
  • Princeton Association of Delaware
  • Princeton Association of New York City (PANYC)
  • Princeton Club of Washington (PCW)
  • Princeton Area Alumni Association (PA3)
  • Princeton Club of Chicago (PCC)
  • The Class of 1980
  • The Class of 1990
  • Terrace Club

To join our email list for notification of our future gatherings and conversation topics in advance, please email Princeton Diversity Discussions Founding Director Jenny Korn ’96 at jkorn@alumni.princeton.edu. Open to *everyone* that would like to talk about race, racism, and racial justice, Princeton Diversity Discussions invite alumni, students, staff, family, friends, and everyone you think is groovy to join us! For now, we are meeting digitally, and **ALL** of our online gatherings are open to EVERYONE, whether or not you live in the city that is hosting. Please attend as many of our digital meetings as you’d like. We are excited to discuss race with you soon!

Zoom Link:
Please email jkorn@alumni.princeton.edu.