Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Undergraduates and Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club enthusiastically invite you to the world premiere of this year’s Triangle Show, Wednesday, January 20, at 8pm EST on triangleshow.com.

The latest creation of the Triangle Writers’ Workshop, All Underdogs Go to Heaven – A Sports Movie! The Musical! The Movie!, is the central event of Princeton’s first-ever Wintersession.

Like all other years, this year’s show is a wholly original, fully-staged and -produced musical comedy created by some of Princeton’s most talented undergraduates.

Unlike all other years, this year’s show was rehearsed, recorded, and assembled 100% virtually. Professionals led rehearsals via Zoom. Far-flung company members captured their performances on phones and cameras. Tech teams sent costumes, props, and backgrounds around the globe, and compiled and edited the footage into Triangle’s first-ever Show/Movie.

Experience All Underdogs Go to Heaven, the newest addition to Triangle’s long kickline, via streaming at 8pm EST on the 20th or any time afterwards. You can even tune in early for “red carpet” interviews with cast, crew, musicians, and professionals, plus maybe some bloopers, at 7:30pm on the 20th. However you enjoy Underdogs, please consider supporting the Club with a ticket purchase at triangleshow.com/tickets. A ticket purchase at any price is welcome.

Log-on info will be on www.triangleshow.com in a week or so.

Closed captions will be provided, along with riotous and relatively ribald rivalry and revelry.

We hope you can join us for this year’s Triangle Show premiere!

Yours in big, loud, funny, tuneful, and uniquely produced and delivered musical comedy,

The Undergraduates and Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club

More information will appear shortly at: